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Why EAC? 

As with the program itself, which has multiple activities, there are multiple answers:

According to its mission statement, CSM is “committed to serving the people of Colorado, the nation, and the global community by promoting stewardship of the Earth upon which all life and development depend” (CSM Board of Trustees 2000). CSM seeks to incorporate an ethics of environmental stewardship.

According to the graduate profile, “Graduates should exhibit ethical behavior and integrity... They should assume a responsibility to enhance their professions through service and leadership and should be responsible citizens who serve society, particularly through stewardship of the environment” (CSM Undergraduate Bulletin 2002-2003, p. 5).  CSM seeks to educate students who model ethical practice and citizenship.

ABET criterion 3, Program Outcomes and Assessment standards, requires that engineering programs demonstrate that their graduates have “an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility” (www.abet.org/criteria.html).  CSM seeks to integrate ethics into teaching and learning.

According to a recent announcement, “Effective January 4, 2010, NSF will require that, at the time of proposal submission to NSF, a proposing institution’s authorized Organizational Representative certify that the institution has a plan to provide appropriate training and oversight in the responsible and ethical conduct of research to undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers who will be supported by NSF to conduct research.” CSM seeks to meet its requirements to society and government.


The Ethics Across Campus (EAC) program at Colorado School of Mines serves as an umbrella for multiple ethics-related teaching, research, and outreach activities. As such, it seeks

1.     to promote, extend, and deepen the understanding of ethical issues in relation to applied science and engineering education and research;

2.     to coordinate ethics teaching, learning, and practice; and

3.     to serve as a consultative body and resource for any group or organization whose policies and/or procedures affect the ethical aspects of life at CSM.



The EAC Program thanks the Boettcher Foundation and the Daniels Fund for their support.


Ethics Across Campus Committee

        Sandy Woodson - Director (Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Teaching Professor and Undergraduate Advisor)

        Karin Lin Ranta Curran - Member (Title IX Coordinator)

        Hannah Grover - Member (Engineering Physics, Undergraduate Student)

        Jennifer Miskimins - Member (Petroleum Engineering, Associate Professor)

        Derek Morgan - Member (Division of Student Life, Associate Dean of Students)

        Chuck Stone - Member (Department of Physics, Teaching Professor)

        Azriel Wolffe - Member (Engineering Physics, Undergraduate Student)

        Qin Zhu - Member (Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Postdoctoral Research Associate)

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